Imagine a world that’s balanced at a single point, as if it’s laying on top of a pin. This is the world that you and 3 of your friends will play in in Tilted!

Play as one of three “Runner” characters, who have to work together to keep the map from flipping over, while still racing against each other to collect 3 gems first to escape.

Or play as the dastardly Master player, who can manipulate the map, moving the very trees and boulders, and work to destroy the 3 players below.

Experience both characters and this fast paced game with your friends in the topsy-turvy world of Tilted!


What makes Tilted so special is its unique combination of balance game and team cooperation/competition. While the “Runner” characters have to work together in order to make sure the world doesn’t tip over, there can also only be one winner, the first to collect 3 gems.

And the one to disturb all of this is the Master player, who can manipulate the world, and change the course of the game if the Runners can’t cooperate.


Here are the members of the awesome team that worked on this project! If you want to drop them a line, feel free to contact them at any of their social media websites!

Alexandra Wagner

3D Modeling and Design Artist

Has a penchant for eating, loves funny animals


Ariel Timar

Production Management

Obnoxious and plays music no one likes

• LinkedIn 

Eric Chen




Duke Im


Meme Lord


Ian Ambrose

3D Animator and Rigging

The rational one, invites everyone to leg day


Nico Kelley

Programming Lead

Bearded Angel in Disguise, also buys people donuts


Omotola Akeredolu


Beautiful and strong opalescent mermaid

LinkedIn •

Ran Li


Tommy Rihn

3D Animation and Rigging

Will text you if he sees you instead of saying hi

• LinkedIn •

Xiang Yu

Art Director

Too cool for school, most likely to succeed


Xinkai Zhang


Download Alpha!

Download the latest build of our game here and let us know how we can improve!



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